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  • New multipliers in effect on 07/01/2019
  • Custom Collection .50
  • Studio Collection .50
  • Select Collection .44
  • Select Studio .44
  • Parts orders .54


  • EUROFORM now (-.15)
  • EUROFORM now (-.15)


      • UltraMatte Material and Doors have been added to the Studio Collection. There are seven colors available


      • New Host - If you can see this, you are on the newly hosted site.

      • Any new quotes entered after the site update on 07/24/2017 will have the new pricing.

      • Any old quotes entered on or before 07/24/2017 still have the old pricing saved in the quote. When you edit an old quote there will be some instructions on how to address this.

07/24/2017 New Features

      • High gloss foil, Acrylic, and Lacquer are now in the Studio Collection construction choice.

      • You can now specify different drawer guides and drawer boxes

      • There are more distresssing choices

      • Sort and filter quotes on the Home Page

06/17/2017 Recently Added Features

    • Forgot Password - Click on the link an we'll email your login information
    • Multiple Item Delete - you can now delete multiple items at one time

    • Transfer a quote - You can now transfer ownership of a quote to someone else in your organization. You must have manager level access to do this.

    • Accessories now populate the comments with the full accessory name

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